Thoughts and Concerns about the Ubuntu Mir Server

As much as I enjoy Linux and technology in general, I also do a lot with games and gaming. I have a gaming channel on YouTube and enjoy creating game videos. That means I need to be able to record game footage using as few system resources as possible. Certainly an external recording box is an option, but for a variety of reasons I prefer to use a software solution.

On Windows this is easy. Because I have an nVidia graphics card Shadowplay is often the best option for recording games. It’s quick and uses almost no resources.

On Linux my options are currently SimpleScreenRecorder and OBS Studio. Both recording solutions rely on the X Window system, the current graphical server used by most Linux distributions. However soon some Linux distributions will begin to ship with the Wayland server… in fact Fedora 25 already does… and Ubuntu, which is both the most popular Linux distribution and the one I primarily use… will ship with Mir, its own graphical server.

While nVidia has said they’ll write graphics drivers that work with Mir, there still aren’t any screen recording solutions for Mir. It all makes me wonder how long before screen recording solutions for Mir will be created, especially ones that work with games, and once they are, how many resources they’ll use and quick they’ll be.

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