Ubuntu 17.04 Uses Swap File Instead of Partition

Traditionally, when you install Linux, one or more partitions are created for data, and another partition is created for the swap. This is generally more secure because programs can’t directly access the data that’s kept in the swap partition.

Starting with Ubuntu 17.04, fresh installs will use a swap file instead of a swap partition by default. While this technically might not be as secure as using a swap partition, swap files aren’t really a security concern, and it will also make a number of things easier.

Using a swap file will make partitioning much easier as no swap partition needs to be created, and it will also allow the swap to grow as necessary. Swap partitions are created with a fixed size and always remain at that size, while swap files can grow as needed.

Overall, I think this is a good path for Ubuntu to take. Often, keeping things simple is a better answer.

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