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When Trying to Rank on YouTube

When trying to rank on YouTube, there are a few things you should remember. It seems right now especially as YouTube’s algorithms are fine-tuned to work more carefully with the data that’s always been the most important to YouTube some people seem confused about what actually helps new people find your videos and your channel.

First, watch time is key. The higher your watch time, the more watch time you have, the higher YouTube will rank your videos. While community interactions are great, comments and likes aren’t nearly as important to YouTube as watch time. Community interactions can be gamed fairly easily by those that want to go to the trouble, but watch time is a more direct identifier of how interested people are in a particular video.

The best sort of community interaction is sharing a video. That will increase both the number of views and the amount of watch time, which will help it rank higher.

Second is metadata. The title, description, and tags. The YouTube algorithm is essentially a search engine powered by Google, its parent company. It uses metadata for its search results and as a way to more accurately group videos for video recommendations and things like that. Make sure your titles, descriptions, and tags are clear and accurate.

And third, as everyone already knows, community interaction in the form of you interacting with the community is very important for people to find out about your channel and for feeling welcomed.

Aside from making great content, these are the things people should be paying the most attention to when trying to rank their videos on YouTube.

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